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Winter Kayak Tour


  • 9:15am, 9:45am
  • 1:15pm, 1:45pm


  • 3 hours
  • (2 hours on the water)


  • Adult CHF130
  • Child (12-15 years) CHF115


  • Min 12 years
  • Max 120kg
  • Max 190cm


  • Top Quality Materials
  • Drysuit
  • Photo Package for free

Information for group bookings

Tour Info PDF

Tour description

Ready for a unique adventure from a new perspective? 

Escape the crowded ski slopes, grab a kayak and feel the magic of winter kayaking. Enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surrounding on a sunny day or discover the mystical beauty of the lake on a cloudy, rainy or snowy day. Wrapped up warm in one of our drysuits and with a thermos of hot tea, you’ll feel like an actor in a winter fairy tale.

You can join us on a Winter Tour from November to April and on a Summer Tour from May to October.

Palm Bora drysuit

What is a drysuit?

Our top line Palm™ Bora drysuits are the ultimate cold weather protection. The integrated watertight socks and latex wrist and neck gaskets seal you from the outside elements. The result is a watertight layer which fills with your own body heat keeping you both warm and dry. The adjustable storm hood protects you should it rain or snow.

We see the bow of a kayak covered in snow floating on emerald watter with snow covered rocks and trees ahead.

What if the weather is bad?

With the right gear, kayaking is fun in any weather. You will be surprised how enjoyable it is to kayak in rain or snow. The drops of water on the lake and snowflakes falling around you make the experience even more special. Trust us, it’s going to be great!

Paddle and Fly Package

Frequently asked questions

I have never been in a kayak before, can I still take part?

Our tours are well suited for beginners and non-swimmers. Prior experience is not necessary. You must be at least 12 years old to take part in the tour. We are happy to organize a private tour for younger participants or we recommend our family session for a more games and splashing orientated session.

Do the tours also take place in bad weather?

Kayaking is fun in any weather. You will be surprised how nice it is to kayak in rain or snow. Nature is all the more dramatic and the drops of water on the lake make the experience even more unique. The expectations are often lower and, in the end, all the more positive. Trust us, it’s still going to be great.

During thunderstorms or very strong winds we may have to cancel or delay tours for safety reasons.

Do I have to worry about being cold?

No, absolutely not. Our dry suits will not only keep you dry but also warm, and our neoprene boots are big enough to fit several pairs of socks. There are also neoprene gloves attached to the paddle to keep your hands warm.

What do I need to bring?

Thermal underwear / light sportswear

Warm sweater (e.g. fleece), sports pants if necessary

Warm hat and warm socks

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Warm gloves for the break

Change of clothes

What is the difference between a wetsuit and a drysuit?

Wetsuits don’t keep you dry, but they do keep you warm once you get wet. Dry suits keep you dry – no water gets on your skin. We use them only in winter or in very cold temperatures.

What happens if I have a medical condition?

Please write us an email to explaining your medical condition and which tour /course and date you would like to book.



Extraordinary experience

When we woke up in the morning and saw the rainy weather we were not really motivated to go on the cold water. Sean explained everything and made us feel safe on our first ever Kayak trip. He made sure we sticked together and also took a break with us at the lakeside to have a cozy cup of tea under a tent he brought with him. During our trip he took many nice pictures of us so that we could focus on the kayaking and the great landscape around. We definitely suggest to book this tour for an extraordinary experience on the quiet and beautiful Brienzer Lake.

Peter M.


We had a blast with our guide, Sean. Despite the fog and sleet, this trip exceeded all of our expectations and we can highly recommend it!

Sarah K.

Amazing experience

Amazing experience; our guide Sean was professional as well as outgoing. The winter kayaking tour is a recommendation for everyone looking for an out of the box winter activity (and don’t be afraid of the weather, with fog and snow the lake looked even greater).

Claire B.

Once in a lifetime

It was such an amazing experience, we went during covid and November and didn’t know how it would go but it was beautiful. We stopped at a nearby castle and were given some complimentary tea and cookies while we looked at the beautiful view. Highly highly recommend

Fellowtraveller 😉

magical experience

Wonderful kayaking experience with expert guide Dave. Beginner friendly. The views are stunning. Dave is very knowledgeable about kayaking. He shared a few tips around Interlaken area, and he’s very thoughtful on how to make the experience the best for us (like rescheduling a bit earlier if possible to make sure we are safe because of the weather). Highly recommended activity in Interlaken!

Jesse D.

Transcending experience

We had an amazing experience with our wonderful instructor Sean. Despite being winter the equipment provided kept us very warm and with Sean’s kayaking expertise we were able to stay very dry. This was my first time kayaking, and I really had a blast. He guided us if we needed extra help, but also let us have fun and find our own groove. A really nice touch to the tour was being able to kayak to the castle while looking out onto the beautiful Lake Brienz. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to experience Lake Brienz in a serene and unique way.

Katherine Z.

Highly recommended even for beginners

It was a truly amazing and unforgettable experience winter kayaking with Sean! He was extremely personable and helpful, even giving us some useful tips on how to kayak more effectively. He also doubled as our personal photographer and also brought along some welcome hot tea and snacks for our break. The views were to die for and the lake was so calm and serene. Booking online with hightide was seamless as well thanks to Andrea. All in all, a great workout and one-of-a-kind excursion!

Siti R.

Friendly staff, professional attitude

As a complete stranger to kayaking I did not expect this amount of progress I made in the course of a single day, the topics were carefully selected and built on top of each other, the instructor was easy going and relaxed, without making any compromises to safety.


What a cool experience!

We did a winter kayak tour with Owen. He was a very knowledgeable, personable guide. We had dry suits on, so we were able to stay warm the whole time. Kayaking the actual lake was so peaceful and serene. The glacier water was unimaginably blue. Definitely recommend. Owen took some great photos as well! The only thing that could make it better would be a hot tub to relax and warm up in at the end 🙂 All in all, a five star experience!

Mitch B

Relaxing and Enjoyable

Enjoying some good times outside in the fresh air with the kayak and just think about nothing for a moment. Especially in these crazy COVID Time it was very helpful to me to just turn my mind of for a second and afterwards focus on the good side of life.


Wonderful kayaking experience

Wonderful kayaking experience with instructor Owen. He was such a great trainer and took care of our safety very well. We had a quality time on the water and it was real fun. Hightide Kayak has a really good service, you wouldn’t be disappointed at all after your visit. Already started planning to come back next season for some wonderful kayaking experience once again.

Mohamed S.

10/10 experience

Sean was an excellent guide on our winter kayaking tour. We had a great time on the lake and walked up to a castle to enjoy a cup of tea before kayaking back.

Claire H.

Don’t miss out on the Winter Kayak tour

We did a special Winter Kayak tour with Dave & it was lovely. We had the entire Lake Brienz for us. We Kayaked around for more than 2 hours. Dave is a very patient teacher & a great guy as well. We learned about Kayaking & then he showed us the Ringgenberg castle as well. We also drank some tea on the top of the castle. The entire experience was just mesmerising. Hightide Kayak School’s equipment are top-notch & they will take care of you for sure.

Parichay M.

Great thing to do in winter!

We had a wonderful kajak experience on a sunny day in november. We all were newcomers, but the basics are quite easy to learn and is great fun. I’m sure when it snows, the winter kajak is even more mystic on the lake. Very recommended 🙂

Manuela S.

Fun way to experience Interlaken

Had a fantastic experience going on the kayaking tour in the winter. Our guide Sean was particularly excellent and accommodating. A fun way to experience Interlaken.

Darius N.

Directions to Bönigen

Map of bus route and walking route from Tnterlaken Ost to Hightide Kayak School

On foot

> Walk from the railway station “Interlaken Ost” to the ships
> Turn right, follow the lakeside path (approx. 35 minutes)
> Walk past the campsite to the Strandbad Bönigen

By car

> car park directly in front of the Strandbad
> Coordinates >> 46°41’24.8″N 7°53’42.7″E

Public Transport

> Train to Interlaken Ost SBB
> Bus 103 Interlaken Ost to Bönigen See
> direction Iseltwald
> always :05 & :35 minutes after the hour
> Journey time approx. 5-10 min.
> timetable
> walk for approx. 3 minutes along the lake

Meet our Guiding Team

Sean Good

Guide & Base Manager

Christian Sbikowski


Dave Storey

Guide & Head Coach

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