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Summer Kayak Tour Lake Brienz

“Kayaking was one of the most awe inspiring experiences to do in interlaken. The sheer color of the water was honestly beyond impressive. It was almost out of a fairytale” – Joshua_R


  • 9:15am
  • 1:15pm, 1:45pm
  • 5:15pm (Jun-Aug)


  • 3 hours
  • (2 hours on the water)


  • Adult CHF115
  • Child (12-15 years) CHF80


  • Min 12 years
  • Max 120kg
  • (265 lbs)


  • Top Quality Material
  • Photo Package for free
  • free Entrance to the Strandbad

Information for group bookings

Tour Info PDF

Discover Lake Brienz by Kayak

Picture this: gliding in a kayak across the mesmerizing turquoise waters of Lake Brienz, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama. It’s not just a tour; it’s an adventure into a fairytale!

Starting from the Beach and Hightide base in Bönigen, Interlaken, our expertly guided tours offer a unique perspective of the area’s natural wonders.

Paddle along the north shore of Lake Brienz and discover the sunbaked cliffs, the historic 12th-century Ringgenberg castle, and the secluded beaches dotting the shoreline. As you cross the lake, immerse yourself in the surreal surroundings and soak in the spectacular views.

Our evening tours start when the lake calms down and the sun starts to dip behind Interlaken. There’s always a special calming atmosphere in the evening, perfect for a relaxing way to end the day. The evening tour follows the same itinerary as our half day tours.

So, why wait? Explore nature’s showroom with us and we’ll send you home with some unforgettable memories. Book your kayaking adventure now and let the fun begin!

You can join us on a Summer Tour from May until October and on a Winter Tour from November until April.

Frequently asked questions

I have never been in a kayak before, can I still take part?

Our tours are well suited for beginners and non-swimmers. Prior experience is not necessary. You must be at least 12 years old to take part in the tour. We are happy to organize a private tour for younger participants or we recommend our family session for a more games and splashing orientated session.

Do the tours also take place in bad weather?

Kayaking is fun in any weather. You will be surprised how nice it is to kayak in rain or snow. Nature is all the more dramatic and the drops of water on the lake make the experience even more unique. The expectations are often lower and, in the end, all the more positive. Trust us, it’s still going to be great.

During thunderstorms or very strong winds we may have to cancel or delay tours for safety reasons.

What do I need to bring?

Swimsuit and towel
T-shirt short or long (no cotton, if possible)
Sport sandals / water shoes / flipflops or Crocs
Sun protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, hat)
Water bottle

Are there parking spaces nearby?

Yes, there is public parking directly in front of the base and also on Parkstrasse in Bönigen with a few minutes’ walk to the base. Both public parking areas are payable.

What happens if I have a medical condition?

Please write us an email to explaining your medical condition and which tour /course and date you would like to book.

What if the trip I want is sold out?

If it’s not possible to find a seat on one of our guided kayak tours, you can always rent and explore the lake on your own.  The only condition is that you need to be able to swim.  Visit our rental page for more details here.


A family of kayakingers are listening to their coach demonstrate kayaking instructions on the water. Two boys paddle towards the group.
Two men sit in their kayaks on a calm, sunny lake facing the morning sun. One is drinking from a bottle while the other has his eyes closed soaking up the warmth on his face.
A woman is sitting in her kayak in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains. The sun is shining and her legs are on top of the kayak in the sun.
A child sits in a kayak on a lake with his back to us and cliffs on his left. He is turning his head towards the camera.
A solo kayaker in a yellow bloat sits still in the turquoise lake water. Above him you can see the ruins of a castle.
We see the silhouette of a solo kayaker paddle away from us towards a setting sun. The light is golden and the shadows are black.
Two girls paddle along sun baked cliffs in kayaks. The water is an unnatural turquoise blue.

Directions to Bönigen

Map of bus route and walking route from Tnterlaken Ost to Hightide Kayak School

On foot

> Walk from the railway station “Interlaken Ost” to the ships
> Turn right, follow the lakeside path (approx. 35 minutes)
> Walk past the campsite to the Strandbad Bönigen

By car

> car park directly in front of the Strandbad
> Coordinates >> 46°41’24.8″N 7°53’42.7″E

Public Transport

> Train to Interlaken Ost SBB
> Bus 103 Interlaken Ost to Bönigen See
> direction Iseltwald
> always :05 & :35 minutes after the hour
> Journey time approx. 5-10 min.
> timetable
> walk for approx. 3 minutes along the lake

Meet our Guiding Team

Barrie Robley

Guide & Lifeguard

Ben Patrick

Guide & Lifeguard

Christian Sbikowski

Guide & Lifeguard

Joëlle Suter

Trainee Guide & Lifeguard

Karel Meulders

Head Guide, Coach & Lifeguard

Mika Löfquist

Guide, Lifeguard & Gastro Allround

Ryan Wilding

Guide & Lifeguard

Sean Good

Base Manager, Guide & Lifeguard

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