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Sea Kayak 1: Solid Foundations

Sea Kayak 2: Skills Development

Sea Kayak 3: Fine-Tuning

Brittany Level 2:
Master the Tides


  • 21. – 28. October 2024


  • 5 course days, 1 rest day
  • 7 nights


  • CHF1190
  • (excl. accommodation)


  • 1:6


  • Dave

Course description

For many paddlers in Switzerland the idea of planning trips in tidal water is daunting and seen as only possible with an experienced guide. We want to dispel this myth and show you that tidal water adds a fascinating element to our paddling and it’s something you can absolutely do on your own. By the end of this week you will feel confident to know where you can paddle and what to expect when you get out on the water.

Under the careful watch of Dave Storey, our Performance Sea Kayak Coach and Guide trainer, we take time each day to revisit the theory and plan our day out on the water. We’ll show you how to take the complexity out of the planning process and apply that knowledge in a common sense way to our trip preparation.

Based on Bretagne’s north coast around Ploumanac’h and Île de Bréhat, the region offers a stunning backdrop to put the theory into practice. While we’re out on the water, we put our planning to the test, learn how to recognise the tides, use them to our best advantage and become aware of the moving world around us.

What at first can feel overwhelming, will soon become a source of fascination and only add to the whole experience of being out at sea. Once we’re finished you’ll be desperate to get back out there and start paddling amongst the tides on your own to further experience this amazing power of nature.



For our Level 2 courses you should have some experience on the Sea and be comfortable paddling in and against wind and waves. Your forward paddling and edging skills should be well established on the lake, and you should be able to paddle 20-30km a day. As preparation you could join one of our fine-tuning courses, which are aimed at all levels to polish your skills before getting back out on the Sea.

In order to get the most out of the course we also recommend visiting a tidal planning course. At Hightide we offer two theory courses, one based on the Navigation, wind and Surf and the other on tidal planning and nautical charts. This will give you a some insight into the theory that’ll we’ll be putting into practice each day.

If you’re in doubt don’t hesitate to get in touch and Dave can come back to you to discuss your needs or questions.


Weekly Plan

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Course day 1.
Day 3: Course day 2.
Day 4: Course day 3.
Day 5: Flexible rest day / bad weather day
Day 6: Course day 4.
Day 7: Course day 5.
Day 8: Departure


Accommodation is not included in the course fee. We normally run this course from two locations. Half of the week is based at a campsite also with bungalow accommodation and the second half we often book a large house for the group. We finalise accommodation normally three months in advance of the trip.



Whilst in the Île de Bréhat area, we are based at Camping de Rohou just near the ferry to Bréhat. When we move location we are normally based in a house near Ploumanac’h harbour.


Getting There

Please help to reduce our environmental footprint by using public transport. There are good railway connections to Morlaix and Guingamp via Paris taking under 8 hours from Basel. We can also help with equipment and boat transport.

We encourage car sharing where possible. Driving to the region takes between 10 and 12 hours from Interlaken.

What to bring with you

Personal Paddling equipment and boat if wanted. We can also supply anything you need.
Good quality map case
Maps: Paimpol IGN 0814OT & Lannion / Perros-Guirec IGN 0714OT (These can be purchased online or sourced locally)
We can supply tidal stream atlases and local guidebooks for use on the course.


Meeting Point

The exact meeting point will be confirmed once accommodation has been decided.




Including 5 days of Coaching, one rest day, all necessary equipment where required, BC Advanced Sea and Performance Coach and transport during the course locally.

Excluding accommodation, transport to and from Bretagne and food and drink

Course Pictures

Our Coaching Philosophy

At hightide we believe in coaching the individual. On our courses, we take people from where they are at and work towards what people want to achieve.

For some this might be gaining confidence to paddle and enjoy being out in nature, for others it means becoming more efficient in order to paddle expeditions or long distances. It could also mean developing the know how to venture out on the Sea or gaining the skills to play on rivers, around the rocks or in the surf.

Whatever your aim, with our wide experience on the ocean and our detailed knowledge of what makes up sea kayaking, we can help you achieve your goals and bring you forward. All our coaches come from a Sea Kayaking background, have qualifications on the Sea and are passionate not only about paddling but also coaching. We’ve spent years learning what really makes a difference in our sport and are committed to delivering it in the most effective way by making you feel the learning!

When you come to a course with hightide you’ll go away with a better understanding of how to improve and have a structure to remember what you have learnt. We believe our job is to set the conditions for the learning to happen so that when you go home it doesn’t stop.

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Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

As usual, had a great time with Hightide. They never disappoint with their professionalism, responsiveness to the needs of paddlers and they are always good for a laugh. Highly recommended!

Simon Parker

Friendly staff, professional attitude

As a complete stranger to kayaking I did not expect this amount of progress I made in the course of a single day, the topics were carefully selected and built on top of each other, the instructor was easy going and relaxed, without making any compromises to safety.


Private Coaching (3 hours)

Excellent coaching session where I quickly enhanced my technique of turning, apprehend safely a rapid u-turn, optimize my move forward and learn how use the minimum of energy. It is exactly the type of coaching session that I was expecting, in order to get more familiar with my boat and the water element. On the top of that, conditions were perfect and the scenery of the lake is simply magical. Highly recommended.

Luc Bouley

Meet our Coaching Team

Dave Storey

Managing Director Operations, Head Coach & Lifeguard

Karel Meulders

Head Guide, Coach & Lifeguard

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