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Sea Kayak 1: Solid Foundations

Sea Kayak 2: Skills Development

Sea Kayak 3: Fine-Tuning

Kayaking – a young discipline in disability sports

This is your chance!

Equal rights and opportunities for all is a great value in our thinking and actions. This has inspired us to take a closer look at paddle sports and to find out what is necessary so that they can be practised equally by people with disabilities. Thanks to many years of experience in disabled sports and wheelchair sports, physiotherapeutic background knowledge and a wide range of adaptation material, our offer is also accessible for guests with special needs. For us, it is an honour to share our passion with anyone who is interested, no matter what preconditions someone brings with them. Paddle sports are particularly suitable for this target group because they can be practised with pleasure at so many different sporting levels.

Throughout Switzerland, paddle sports for people with disabilities is still something new. In other countries near and far, however, this sport has long since established itself, to the extent that adapted paddling was an official discipline of the Paralympic Games for the first time in Rio 2016 under the name Paracanoe. We think “Hop Switzerland” and would like to make our contribution.

If you have any questions about kayaking in this area, we can best be reached via e-mail (

We are looking forward to taking you out on the water and experiencing new possibilities together.

Adaptation possibilities and material

For us, independence and self-determination are values that we like to live by and, above all, let people live by. Thanks to the various adaptation options of the paddlesport equipment, this is also possible for people with different physical and mental conditions. Find more detailed information and examples of the adaptation possibilities here.

Guests with mental, psychological or physical disabilities actually use the normal paddlesport equipment with us. Some of the equipment we use is professional and specially made for this purpose, but often we simply try to use a lot of creativity to construct something individually adapted from what is already available.


They make your sea kayak more stable. Thanks to different mounting positions, they offer more or less support, which makes a measured progression possible. (Suitable, for example, for guests with coordination difficulties, balance problems, fear of capsizing).

High back and side supports

These help you with little to no torso stability for more comfort and support so that you can move your arms more freely. (Suitable, for example, for paraplegics with a high level of lesion).

Paddle Bracket

A device to support the upper limb. It takes the weight of the paddle off you. This allows you to paddle independently even with little or very unilateral arm activity. (Suitable, for example, for hemiplegics, quadriplegics, amputees or non-functioning unilateral upper extremity).

Contact holders for prosthesis / stump

With the help of this adaptation, the power transmission to your paddlesport equipment can be guaranteed and makes it easier for you to hold on. (Suitable for paddlers with leg amputations.)

Transfer Table

Simplifies the transition from a wheelchair into a sea kayak.

Support wheels

The wheels simplify the transport of the kayak including the person to be supported from the land to the water.

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