Peter Blik


My name is Peter, I’m born in the northern part of the Netherlands, and grew up on a caravan park belonging to my grandparents in a forest that makes me feel at home in the outdoors. Roaming through the forest with my two dogs and not coming home because I fell asleep under a tree was not unusual!

In school they taught me to work with metal to become a welder and pipe fitter, but I soon found that this was not the thing I wanted to do all my life for work. After working in shipyards and as a mechanic for the railway, I left Holland when I was still very young and went to Australia. With my passion for water (my hobby’s were windsurfing and catamaran sailing), I found my soul in the waves with surfing.

After coming back to Europe a couple of years later and after experiencing a big part of surfable South East Asia, I felt lost in Holland. I visited my brother in Kandersteg in the Bernese highlands in Switzerland where he worked in a hotel and fell in love with the mountains. Ever since, I keep on coming back, then fell in love with a swiss girl named Conny and so I now don’t want to leave again.

We’ve lived in different places in Switzerland, working in all sorts of jobs but we now feel very much at home around Interlaken. From the day that I approached Dave to teach me kayaking, I fell in love with a new thing. Now i’m on the water whenever I can, either in a canoe or a kayak. For me it’s the perfect transport to enjoy nature and her beautiful gift’s, to move yourself forwards or backwards with an open mind and soul, feel everything you have and enjoy what your doing.


British Canoeing Paddlesport Leader
BC Sea Kayak Award
BC Foundation Safety & Rescue Certificate

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