Frida Hoffmann

Trainee Guide

I fell in love with the region 3 years ago, when visiting my best friend. I kept coming back to escape my busy and stressful life in London, where I was finishing my degree and working in an office.  Making the decision to move here was an absolute blessing and the best thing that happened to me so far. 

Water has been my happy place since I was very little. I was the sort of kid whose lips turn purple and her swimming goggles leave a mark for days, however, kayaking is a brand new experience for me which I recently discovered and took it on as a new challenge.

I am excited for this new opportunity because finally I can work in these beautiful surroundings and show people how much this amazing place has to offer. Learning new skills and sharing this knowledge by teaching people new skills and bringing them out from their comfort zones is something I am most looking forward to this summer, as a trainee guide. 

Other than being close to water in any shape or form, I am passionate about my studies and planning to do my masters degree in International law, fingers crossed. In my free time, I like knitting and watching my plants grow in our garden, go for long hikes and enjoy what this place has to offer. 

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