Hightide launched its own Sea and Surf Club during the summer 2018. The idea to this was born after a great day of surf in Levanto, our sea kayaking paradise where we run trips and courses every autumn. Dave and the crew of soon-to-become the first Hightide members were sitting in their favorite bar in Levanto with salt in their hair and a beer in their hand and already longing for more trips like this. And that’s how it all got started on the terrasse of Croce Verde, just as many other good ideas.



Over the last couple of years Hightide Sea and Surf Club has formed into a platform for people who would like to get out on the water more and develop in paddling, go out regularly and meet fellow paddlers. Sea and Surf Club has proved to be popular and looks like there was a need for such a platform for paddlers. Hightide has had regular guests as unofficial members since it’s early years but the Sea and Surf Club has certainly made it easier for everyone to join and start a new sport. The Club has grown very fast and has already got 60 members from all over Switzerland and even abroad in all ages. It is a very jolly and welcoming group of paddlers from people that have just started kayaking to more advanced paddlers. Everybody is welcome, we all learn from each other!



Paddle forum


The idea behind the membership is to make it easier for people to go out on their own but also to be able to join common training sessions and also to find new paddle friends and organise trips together on their own. Hightide created a discussion forum for the members where they can discuss different topics related to paddlesports, exchange ideas, sell gear and plan trips together. After all, it is also one of the essential things for improving your skills to change your environment, plan your own trips and go out in different places. Also it helps your development with trip planning, weather awareness and safety which prepares you to get you out on the sea. And it is just purely enjoyable to get to know different places from the perspective of kayaking.



Training, new friends and fun events


During the summer season we run regular informal training sessions which are free for our members. For example, last summer we had a kayak session once a week and an early morning fit paddle weekly. The sessions last a couple of hours and are a great opportunity to get out paddling with other people on a regular basis. One of the Hightide team is always around if there are any questions and is a great fun way to spend the evening.


We organise a number of events each year. The Hightide birthday party in January has become a wonderful yearly tradition that we tend to continue every year. Having a fun day paddling together on lake Brienz and then warming up with an apero and a delicious fondue dinner on one of our cozy local restaurants in Bönigen. On the Swiss national day on the 1st of August we did an evening paddle to Iseltwald where we watched the fireworks and then returned in the dark. It was a beautiful sight with 30 kayaks on the water with only headlamps and starsky. Another great tradition to be continued yearly and there will be many more to come.



Deals and discounts


For people new to the sport that don’t have their own equipment yet, the membership gives pretty unbeatable deals. As a member (membership fee 150CHF per year) you can sign up for a yearly rental (200CHF) which allows you to use our equipment throughout the year. If yearly rental is not your thing, we also offer a 30 % discount for all daily rentals for our members who also receive a 10 % discount on all our courses.


If you already have your own kayak or get carried away and buy one sooner than later, we also offer kayak storage spaces to rent for our members with a bargain price of 150CHF per year. We would also like to accommodate your friends so we offer them a 10 % discount on the Sea Kayak Skills courses if you’d like to introduce them to your new hobby and bring them along.


So if you want to develop your paddling skills in a good company and explore the Swiss lakes from a different perspective and explore the seas with us – this is your place! In addition to exploring the beautiful corners of Switzerland we run trips abroad approximately twice a year. Over the years we’ve been paddling in such paradises as Cornwall, Liguria, Isles of Scilly and this year we are heading to Brittany for the first time!


Huge thanks to our already existing members who have been a great pleasure to meet and get to know to and have by our side – many of them for years already! And looking forward to welcoming all new members this year – the more the merrier, as they say.