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Sea Kayak 1: Solid Foundations

Sea Kayak 2: Skills Development

Sea Kayak 3: Fine-Tuning

Sea Kayak Theory & Planning Courses

From our classroom in Bönigen, we can save the time by the Sea, by preparing and learning what we need to know whilst on the sea. When out on the sea we need to develop an overview of the wind and weather, swell and surf and tidal movements in order to create a picture of what’s happening on the day. Once we have this knowledge we can paddle with and not against the tide and either find places to hide or places to play depending on what you’re looking for.

Planning at first sight might seem complex and the theory difficult but once we’ve explained the theories we show you how to get the core information without getting lost in the details so at the end of the day, you have a working map and you feel confident about what you’re expecting to see and feel out on the water.