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Sea Kayak 1: Solid Foundations

Sea Kayak 2: Skills Development

Sea Kayak 3: Fine-Tuning

Sea Kayak on the Lake

We believe that whatever your aim is, with solid foundations and a good idea of where you can improve, you can get much more out of your paddling and time out on the water whether on the lake, the sea or the river. On the lake we offer three main courses in order to work on your skills progression. We have the perfect course for you whether you want to gain confidence to get out on your own, to develop and consolidate or to master the skills in more challenging conditions and become one with your boat.

Even in advanced conditions on the Sea, developing as a paddler often means looking back at the basics and sharpening them up. Hence we’ve designed our Fine Tuning course, which you can always come back to, to get a new challenge in your paddling and see where you can improve in our journey to become a Sea Kayak Ninja 🙂


If you’re wondering where to get started in sea kayaking, then we have a series of courses to suit your needs. If you’ve never had any formal inputs then our solid foundation courses is the place to start. These give you an overview of fundamentals of sea kayaking and the safety and rescue skills to give you the confidence to get out on your own.


If you’ve completed a solid foundations course or already have been paddling but without many inputs then our skills development weekend is the ideal next step. We focus on your needs as a paddler and structure the course in order to prepare you for performing in more challenging and dynamic conditions or to simply to get more out of your time on the lake.


For the seasoned salt water or lake paddler, we have designed our fine-tuning course and river / tide race courses. We believe that we never stop improving and there’s always something new to challenge ourselves with. Training hard things on easy water is the key and the work we put in on the lake will enable you to reap the benefits when you get back to the sea or go on the river.

If in doubt about where to start, give us a call on +41 79 906 0551 and we can have a chat about your experience and your goals.

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Dave Storey

Managing Director Operations, Head Coach & Lifeguard

Karel Meulders

Head Guide, Coach & Lifeguard

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