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Sea Kayak 1: Solid Foundations

Sea Kayak 2: Skills Development

Sea Kayak 3: Fine-Tuning

Sea Kayak Courses in Switzerland

At Hightide we believe in coaching the individual. On our courses, we take people from where they are at and work towards what people want to achieve. For some this might be gaining confidence to paddle and enjoy being out in nature, for others it means becoming more efficient in order to paddle expeditions or long distances. It could also mean developing the know how to venture out on the Sea or gaining the skills to play on rivers, around the rocks or in the surf.

Whatever your aim, with our wide experience on the ocean and our detailed knowledge of what makes up sea kayaking, we can help you achieve your goals and bring you forward. All our coaches come from a Sea Kayaking background, have qualifications on the Sea and are passionate not only about paddling but also coaching. We’ve spent years learning what really makes a difference in our sport and are committed to delivering it in the most effective way by making you feel the learning!

When you come to a course with hightide you’ll go away with a better understanding of how to improve and have a structure to remember what you have learnt. We believe our job is to set the conditions for the learning to happen so that when you go home it doesn’t stop.


Whether your aim is to explore the lake on your own, or to paddle on the river or the sea, the ideal starting place is on the lake. This is where you can develop solid foundations in order to progress quickly and get the most out of your trips away and time out on the water. Our foundation courses or private coaching sessions give you an overview of fundamentals of sea kayaking and the safety and rescue skills to give you the confidence to get out on your own.


If you’re thinking “what next?” or have been paddling for years without many formal inputs, we recommend one of our lake courses. We don’t follow a fixed syllabus but focus on your needs as a paddler. We develop your skills and knowledge of the fundamentals of sea kayaking, including developing feel, efficient forward paddling, using edge and rotation, power transfer and engaging the core. These are the building blocks for performance in more challenging conditions.


Whether you’re developing your sea kayak skills on the lake or are a seasoned salt water paddler on the tide races of Angelsey, there is always room to further develop our skills. We believe the key to improving technically is focused training on easy water. With this in mind we developed our Fine Tuning course on the lake as course to keep returning to in order to get fresh inputs and prepare yourself for your next adventures on the sea, in the surf or on the river.

If in doubt about where to start, give us a call on +41 79 906 0551 and we can have a chat about your experience and your goals.

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