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Sea Kayak 1: Solid Foundations

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Wiebke Galda

Marketing, Guide & Lifeguard

Since 2012 I am living in Interlaken – a clear decision for the mountains and nature. A big contrast to my life in Hamburg I had before. After finishing my studies and going abroad for a Work & Travel experience in Canada/BC I recognized how important and nice it is to have the nature and outdoors just in front of you. Going out and enjoying the outdoors is a big plus and helps to relax, recover and it brings me down to earth.
Interlaken and the area around is a beautiful region and I love being outdoors here. You have the beautiful lakes, the mountains – no matter if summer or winter. You will always find your spot to escape.

Since I was a kid I did lots of different sports, I love movement and being outside. I love running, biking, hiking, snowboarding and skiing. I also like being on the water on a SUP or in a Kayak. The stillness, the meditative movements, the sound of the water under you and the connection to nature is very special. 3 years ago I also finished my Yogateacher training and I am teaching since then – which is also a big love.

In January 2019 Dave gave me a call ( I know him from my old job) and since May 2019 I am part of the Hightide team. I am now working on the marketing activities. It’s a great combination of work and the things I love doing. Working in a team which shares your values and thinkings (most of it 😉 ) and trying to deliver unforgettable experiences to guest from all over the world makes it a real “heart-job”.


BC Foundation Safety & Rescue Certificate