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Tray Robinson

Cook & Bar

Cooking, Cocktails, Cycling, and all-around cool guy… Hey my name is Tramaine, known as Tray my passions are the 1st 3 words (Plus Skiing) of this little intro. I came to Switzerland in 2017 to work as a private chef, also to enjoy a winter of Skiing and taking in all the Swiss Alps had to offer. Only problem was… I never left. Since then, I have worked in 3 different restaurants/Bars and have loved my time in all of them. Whether I was flipping burgers, shacking up drinks or making 4 star meals, I feel at home in restaurants.

As I have decided to stay and call Interlaken my home, I needed a summer activity to get into… that is why I took up Down Hill MTB. If I am not hanging out with friends, you may see me with my bike on the local trails enjoying Down hilling shouting “yeah” “woohoo” or on more occasion “ouch my back” I am incredibly happy to call this place my home.

My roots stretch far as I am part, Jamaican, Dominican, Scottish and Aussie which makes me English for some reason, that I am not even sure of too. I meet Dave and the girls and guys of Hightide as a guest and really enjoyed what they do. I been back a few times and the offer is great and only getting better. I love going for a paddle on the lake and getting a little wet, maybe I am English after all.

I am looking forward to helping with all things food, drinks and events at the Beach and giving out high fives to all. (if Covid allows us)

See you at the pool!