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Sea Kayak 1: Solid Foundations

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Sea Kayak 3: Fine-Tuning

Sean Good

Base Manager, Guide & Lifeguard

I am from Australia and have been living in Switzerland on and off since 2007. I originally came here for a ski season and soon realised this place is an all year round playground for those who enjoy the great outdoors like myself! I am into various hobbies including kayaking, running, snowboarding, surfing, biking, gardening, and most of all enjoying nature.

I met my wife here in Switzerland while working in a Ski Rental. Since then we had been living between Tanzania and Switzerland while running her NGO. We now have three children and have been living here all year round for quite some time.

I had previously worked for Hightide in 2017 which was when I was first introduced to kayaking. I am very happy to be returning to Hightide as a Base Manager. I am a Handworker by trade and have been in the Building Industry both in Australia and Switzerland, so not only do I have the opportunity to work in a great team while using my skills as a Handworker, but can also continue my passion for kayaking while guiding, continuing to gain my kayaking skills, and having the privilege to show tourists from all over the world this hidden gem we call Lake Brienz! A combination of all this in one is most satisfying to me.


BC Foundation Safety & Rescue Certificate