Péter Pócsi

Trainee Guide & Lifeguard

I have spent the last 17 years travelling, working and learning, in random arrangement.

When I graduated as a linguist, I had a passion for woodworking and paddling was a hobby, then it all turned around – linguistics remained a passion, working with wood is my favourite free time activity, and I have the luxury to spend my working time in nature on the beautiful Lake Brienz, with very diverse, exciting people from all around the world!

The best moments of my job are when I see the huge contrast between the first and the last strokes of a tour – to see how people who have never sat in a boat become confident paddlers and to see the satisfaction on their faces when they confess at the end that they have never thought before that they would be able to do such thing! The mountains, the fresh air and the turquoise water is just an extra!