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Mariano de la Torre

Managing Director Finances, Guide & Lifeguard

I have been living in Switzerland since 2011 and I’m still amazed about the beautiful playground we have here at our doorsteps. I’m originally from Argentina and love actively experiencing nature and being outdoors. Playing outdoors allows me to disconnect, relax, put things into perspective and find
my balance. I also enjoy physical challenges, particularly the curiosity of how much can you push your body and mind to perform sports (in my case kayaking, running, mountaineering, SUPing, or skiing).

Being able to combine the outdoors, sports and work is great for me and I feel lucky to be able to do it on a regular basis. But it is not only about luck,it is also about the decisions you take in life. I studied economics, had my MBA from a top school in the US and worked most of my life for investment banks, private equity funds and big companies investing and acquiring other companies
as well as corporate finance and strategy. It is an exciting career but I needed more time outside, less time in big cities, offices, conference calls, and more importantly, I realized I needed to do something professionally more aligned to what motivates me as a person.

Dave introduced me to kayaking and we became friends. I started to help him on the side with financial planning and business decisions. At the end of 2017 we decided was the right time to join Hightide as a business partner and dedicate formally time to further develop Hightide. I am still working in finance, acquisitions and strategy for other companies, but joining Hightide allowed me
to be closer to the outdoors and spend more time doing the things I enjoy doing. I work probably as much as I did before, but it is more fulfilling and personally rewarding. The reward comes mainly from helping to shape a small business that transmits its passion for paddle-sports while delivering fun and unforgetable outdoor experiences to it customers.


Swiss Canoe SUP Instructor Level 1 + 2
British Canoeing 3 Star Sea and Surf Kayak