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Sea Kayak 1: Solid Foundations

Sea Kayak 2: Skills Development

Sea Kayak 3: Fine-Tuning

Dave Storey

Managing Director Operations, Head Coach & Lifeguard

I’ve been paddling for many years in all disciplines and am passionate about coaching, kayaking and the sea. My favourite thing about paddling is its diversity, with beautiful still days on the lake calming the soul to the adventure of the wind and waves when the weather gets lively.

Sea Kayaking offers the chance to explore on the sea, get up close and personal with nature get far away from day to day life with the sounds, sights and smells around you… and most of all the exhilaration of surfing and carving up and down a green wave and that feeling of a day out by the beach…

I decided to fulfil a long held dream by setting up my own school in order to share my love of being on the water and of coaching. For me there’s no greater feeling of satisfaction than seeing that telling smile when someone feels that click and and discovers the love and that need to get out onto the water for more. Kayaking is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle…

My role at Hightide

I’m responsible for the operations of the kayak school and strandbad and lead the coaching team. When not on the water, you’ll find me in the office supporting the team and working towards putting our philosophy into practice.


British Canoeing Performance Sea Kayak Coach (UKCC L3)
Advanced Water Sea Kayak Coach
Surf and White Water Kayak Coach
Advanced Sea Kayak Leader (5 Star)
Surf & White Water Leader (4 Star)
J&S Kanusport Expert
J&S Kindersport Leiter
ESA/Plusport Disabled Sports Instructor
ESA Kanuleiter