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Ana Leitao

Gastro & Front Desk

I was borned and raised in the north of Portugal in a small city relatively close to the coastline. Spent my childhood playing in the neighborhoods with other kids and making mud cakes in my Grandma’s garden!

I left behind the work life in clinical pathology laboratories after start studying Tourism and decide to come to Switzerland, where I am working and living since May 2012. I’ve been working in Hospitality Industry since then but I’m realizing what really makes me happy is baking – for now still as a hobby! I love feeding people with my sweet treats ☺

Most of my free time I spend it in the kitchen cooking and baking; watching series (completely addicted); reading and simply walking in the mountains (….easy walks, I must say☺). I could say the real connection with Nature and the peace that brings to our souls was rediscovered here, and I am so thankful for that!!

The opportunity to work at Beach Café arose and I’m just feeling so blessed to be part of the team from this company whose values and philosophy I very much respect and believe, and right in front of the Lake Brienz ☺