About us

Our Philosophy

““To inspire people to live differently!”

We are inspired by nature

Nature provides a way to reconnect with ourselves and put things into perspective. We appreciate its beauty and its power, feeling responsible to protect it. Whenever possible we choose the options that have the least negative impact to our environment.

We aspire to live simply

Fulfillment does not come from things we buy or the time we spend on social media but from simple genuine interactions with people and nature. We enjoy outdoor adventures, big and small, alone, with friends or family.

We build a friendly and welcoming place

People are very important to us. We want to inspire with positivity and enthusiasm. With Hightide @ the Beach we want to offer a place where you can recharge, relax and feel good.

We are a team of equals

Each of our team members plays a vital role in Hightide. Not one person or a single job is more important than the other. We take pride and ownership in what we do. We are on a journey to have a more fulfilling life and we believe in self-reflection, self-awareness, being humble and true to ourselves. We are shaping a great place to work and play and every single one of us plays a role in that.

Become a part of the Hightide
Outdoor & Paddle Community.

We want to share our love of the outdoors and paddling with as many people as possible. We look forward to more paddling and outdoor events together. You want to be part of it? Then make sure you get your regular online outdoor and kayak inspiration and sign up for our newsletter! We would be happy if you become a part of our community.

Unsere Coaching Philosophie

Individuelles Seekajak Coaching ist unsere Herzensangelegenheit. Wir holen dich dort ab, wo du bist und begleiten dich bei dem, was du erreichen möchtest. Egal, ob auf dem See, dem Fluss oder dem Meer, durch unsere mehrjährige Erfahrung verstehen wir, was den Seekajak-Sport wirklich ausmacht und sind passioniert, dieses Wissen auf eine möglichst effektive und nachhaltige Art und Weise weiterzugeben.

Alle unsere Coaches “durchpaddelten” mehrere Seekajak – Qualifikationen und teilen nicht nur die Leidenschaft für den Sport, sondern auch für inspirierendes Coaching. “We make you feel the learning” ist unsere Philosophie.

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Meet the Team

Jobs & Careers

We have now filled all our positions for 2021

If you are still interested in working close to the Outdoors and feel you fit with our philosophy and approach, feel free to send over a CV and we can put that aside if something comes up.

Our Partners

We work together with some great organisations and companies. For more information about what they’re about click below.