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British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Award


  • 5. – 10. April 2022
  • 24. – 29. Oktober 2022


  • 5 Kurstage
  • 7 Übernachtungen


  • ab CHF1.490


  • 1:4


  • Dave

As an Advanced Sea Kayaker, you will have extensive experience of paddling on the sea. Your experience will include paddling a wide variety of sea conditions with winds over force 4 and/or tides over 2 Knots, using sea kayaks in tidal or non-tidal environments, where you may make open crossings in excess of 2 nautical miles , as well as travelling along the coastline.

As the conditions are more advanced you will need to ensure that you are fully aware of the conditions around you. You will analyse the weather and other environmental conditions that could impact your paddle. Your rescue skills will continue to be developed to deal with rescues in a more advanced environment, you will be asked to bear in mind where your help can come from should you get into difficulty and how you can communicate with them.
Your skills within a sea kayak will be developed to allow you to keep control of your sea kayak in advanced water conditions. You will learn how to use the conditions to help you steer and manoeuvre the boat easier. As well as considering the best strokes to use for longer paddling journeys.

After the session you and your Coach will reflect and discuss where to go next as well as what has changed whilst you were out on the water. You will consider what technology you could use to help aid both your reflection and your development.
Each day we spend sea kayaking further expands our skills and knowledge, creating a more enjoyable experience on the water. With no two trip experiences ever the same we never stop learning. Continually evaluating the choices we make creates a natural evolution of decision-making and sea kayaking ability.

Dave Storey

Geschäftsführer Operations, Head Coach & Bademeister

Karel Meulders

Head Guide, Coach & Bademeister

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