Sea Kayak on the Sea

As our name suggests, we feel a deep connection to the Sea. High tide, meaning the highest point of the flood, is something we refer to on a day to day basis. Every course we deliver on the Sea feels like going home to us and we are passionate about showing our home to our guests:) In order to get the most out of the limited time on salty water, we are big believers in using the resources of the lakes and rivers in order to “build the motor”. With solid preparation, we are ready to face the challenges of the unexpected windy day, paddle longer with less effort and get the most out of all delights the Ocean has to offer.

There are three levels on the sea with different focus on each.
Our Level 1 course looks at polishing all those skills we’ve learnt on our home waters and puts them into practice around the rocks and out in the wind and waves. We also plan each day together taking account of the conditions on the day in order for you to know what to look out for in non-tidal water.

The Level 2 courses take place in moderate conditions, the Level 3 courses in more advanced conditions. They focus on the application of skills in different environments (wind, waves, surf, swell and tide) and develop your knowledge in order for you to feel confident in planning and undertaking your own adventures in tidal and more challenging water.

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