Sea Kayak on the River

As a sea kayaker in landlocked Switzerland, the Sea can feel a long way away and it’s often difficult to get enough challenging conditions to develop apart from waiting for that Föhn storm to arrive.

What we overlook of course, is that we have some of the most beautiful river journeys and some of the best white water in Europe. Although they might seem intimidating and a scene for crazy guys in small boats falling off waterfalls, the rivers of Switzerland offer fantastic scenery, plenty of challenge and lots of fun for us sea kayakers too.

On the sea, there are places where it flows like a river due to the movement of the tide past a headland. These "tide races" are lots of fun with waves to surf and flow to play in. So come and prepare yourself with us and see the “tide races” in our own backyard in order to be ready for your adventures on the Sea and become more fluid and dynamic in your boat.

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