Tide Race / River Play


As sea kayakers in Switzerland it may seem difficult to get experience in the more difficult conditions on the sea.  When we are limited to just a few weeks holiday a year in the playgrounds of Anglesey and beyond, how do you get the necessary experience?

What we do have is a great variety of high volume rivers and white water on our doorstop. A tide race itself is literally a river on the sea formed by tidal movement and actually here in Switzerland we have the perfect training ground to get exactly the right experience, the opportunity to develop our moving water skills and have lots of fun to complement what we already have on the lake.

Our Tide Race Play course takes place on either the lower Lütschine or at Worblaufen or Uttigen depending on water levels and looks at developing your skills in more dynamic environments including breaking in, surfing and manoeuvring on the river.


This course is aimed at confident sea kayakers with experience on the lake and in more challenging conditions and some experience on rivers.  Completion of a course similar to our tide race Foundations & development.


1 day
09.15 to 16.15




Dave British Canoeing Performance Coach & Advanced Sea Kayak Coach

Further Information

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