Sea Kayak Fine Tuning

What to expect

Our Fine Tuning course is there for anyone wanting fresh inputs or new challenge into their paddling.  It's individualised and has maximum group size of 4 meaning we have the time to really focus on your needs and aims.   It's a course you can keep coming back to when you feel you'd like to take another step forward, and whatever your starting point is, we'll bring you further.  There is so much we can learn on the lake that helps us when it comes to paddling in more challenging conditions on the Sea or River or to simply get more out of your paddling on the lake and this course is the perfect jumping board.

During the day we look at different themes including forward paddling, becoming fluid between strokes, using rotation through different movements, developing a stable and consistent edge and effectively driving the boat through an active core and power transfer.  Another important element is developing awareness of our own paddling in order to learn better on our own, to experiment and compare to see what works better.

We have the luxury in Bönigen of having diverse places to practice including the beautiful Lake Brienz, the delta and lower part of the Lütschine and the slow moving river Aare meaning we can really make the most of the conditions on the day and find new challenges.


Good flat water skills and knowledge of paddling in wind, use of edge and an idea of forwards paddling technique.  In our course structure the completion of our Skills development course would be ideal, or from elsewhere a British Canoeing Explore award (Old 2Star) or EPP Level 2 or equivalent experience.


1 day
09.15 to 16.15


CHF 220

Group Size

4 Participants


Dave Storey British Canoeing Performance Coach & Advanced Sea Kayak Coach

Further Information

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