1hr Fine-Tuning

What to expect

When we've been paddling for a while, we sometimes feel like we stagnate or struggle to make the next step, sometimes that move just doesn't feel quite right or we just need something to freshen up our skills.  Often it's just a small thing that makes the difference and can impact on a number of things and these mini sessions are aimed at finding "that difference that makes the difference", helping you work out the solution.

Through careful observation and exercises, we have a look at where you are at and what that difference can be that can bring the biggest change.   Through experimentation and some exercises, we then help you work out what the "golden bullet" is, in order to bring your paddling forward.

These sessions are designed to be just a part of your day, to give you something to think about during our time out on the water.  They're a short, sharp tool that we can use at any level, whether you've been paddling for a year or the last 20.  We meet out on the water and get straight into it with a view having something to practice and continue with your day.


Good flat water skills and knowledge of paddling in wind, use of edge and an idea of forwards paddling technique, If you're not sure perhaps our skills development course is more appropriate.  For awards, around a British Canoeing Explore award or 2Star or EPP Level 2 would be around the relevant level


1 hour on the lake


CHF 99

Group Size

1 Participant


Dave Storey British Canoeing Performance Coach & Advanced Sea Kayak Coach

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