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James Caley

British Canoeing Paddlesport Instructor, British Canoeing 3 * Sea

I was lucky enough to start kayaking as a child with local canoe clubs. We kayaked weekly on the local rivers and also made trips to the sea. As an adult I continued my enthusiasm for different types of paddlesports by getting into open “Canadian style” boats and beyond canoeing into surfing and stand-up paddleboards.

In winter I work as ski teacher and I draw on my experience coaching in both skiing and kayaking to help people learn how to get the most out of their chosen activity whilst having great fun in the stunning Swiss lakes and mountains.

There are so many reasons I enjoy kayaking and other paddlesports. From the simple fun to be had “messing about in boats” and enjoying the beautiful scenery to the full-on excitement of white water kayaking and surfing.

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